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Corprate Profile

Action Plumbing Co., Inc. was formed by John Powers in 1975 and purchased by Thomas Loos in 2016. Tom Loos joined Action Plumbing Co., Inc. in 2003 as a licenced union plumber. He worked his way up to Project Manager and on to General Manager until purchasing the company from it's founder, John Powers, in 2016 becoming Action Plumbing Co., Inc.'s new owner and President.

This should come as no surprise, as Tom is a sixth generation plumber in his family. His Great-Great-Great Grandfather, John G. Loos a German imigrant, founded John G. Loos & Sons plumbing firm in 1890, alongside his brother John A. Loos, in Sterling, IL after moving there from Chicago in 1872.  The plumbing trade was carried on by Carl Loos, Paul Loos Sr., Paul Loos Jr., Tom Loos Sr., and Tom Loos Jr.

Over 100 years of Loos family history in the plumbing industry fuels Tom Loos' passion for the trade that will inevitably make Action Plumbing Co., Inc. a stronger and more successful company in the years to come. 

Business Focus
Action Plumbing Co., Inc.’s main business focus is new construction for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  Action Plumbing has completed numerous projects in each category throughout northeastern Illinois, with a primary focus in Chicago and the Chicagoland area.
Under the direction of Tom Loos, President, Action Plumbing is well regarded as a highly qualified plumbing contractor.  It is throughTom’s demand for excellence in the quality through workmanship and customer relations that Action Plumbing has achieved such wide respect in the industry.
Action Plumbing is a unionized shop, which employs skilled trade trained plumbers.  We strive in every project, both big and small, to display the best in workmanship, safety, and management.  Action Plumbing Co., Inc. is an Illinois State Plumbing Contractor certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Action Plumbing has been in excellent standing with the Illinois State Plumbing Contractors license since it’s creation in 2002.  Even prior to 2002, Action Plumbing Co., Inc. was a licensed and bonded plumbing company.
Action Plumbing Co., Inc. is committed to meeting its contractual commitments and has never been defaulted or failed to complete a contract.  We continually strive to improve the standards at which all plumbing contractors are held to and viewed.

Our Company Culture
The culture of Action Plumbing Co., Inc. is a primary reason why our company has created projects of great value, built long-term and lasting relationships, and distinguished our company in a highly competitive industry.  Action Plumbing strives to function in an environment that emphasizes respect for people, client-driven excellence, and continuing high standards of workmanship and service.
Action Plumbing Co., Inc. best summarizes its work ethic through our slogan, “We get into our work.”  Without our commitment of bringing our best to, and expecting the best from our contractors, Action Plumbing would not be the well respected plumbing contractor it is today.

Client Relationships
Action Plumbing as built a reputation of excellence in the plumbing industry which has resulted in having built long-lasting relationships with noteworthy clients.  A partial list of clients for whom our company has worked with includes: 

National Clients

Toll Brothers
Pulte Homes
Walsh Construction
David Weekley Homes
Taylor Morrison

Local Clients

Crestview Builders
Kobler Builders
Tim Kobler Custom Homes
Sievers and Stevens
Timber Trails
Next Generation

As stated previously, Action Plumbing is a licensed Illinois State plumbing contractor.  In addition to that primary certification, Action Plumbing also holds many contractors licenses with different communities throughout the State of Illinois.  A partial list of other contractor licenses held includes:

City of Naperville
Village of Bolingbrook
Village of Huntley
Village of Shorewood
Cook County
Will County
City of Elgin
Kankakee County
City of Wheaton  
and Many More

Key Personnel
Tom Loos - Owner/President
23 years of experience in plumbing, construction, management, purchasing, business, and estimating.

Marcus Withey - Superintendent
20 years of experience in plumbing, construction, and management.

William A. Morrow - Estimator
28 years of experience in estimating in the plumbing industry.

Stacie Berta - Office Supervisor 
15 years of experience in business, customer relations, and account dealings.

Nicole Parker - Administrative Assistant 
8 years of experience in office administration, staff support, customer service, and data entry

What Sets Us Apart
There are many aspect of Action Plumbing Co., Inc. that sets us apart from the rest of the plumbing industry.   Besides our quality of workmanship, client relations, and organization a few of our other key areas are safety, customer service, and associations.

One of the most important functions of any company is to provide for the health and welfare of its employees.  Safety and production have equal importance at the workplace.  Our corporate goal is to have a zero incident workplace.  In order to achieve this and meet our obligations, the following policies shall apply to all operations:

  • We will strive to provide a safe workplace and we will encourage our subcontractors and associates to strive for the same goal.
  • We will strive to provide safe tools and equipment and will provided the necessary personal protective equipment as needed.
  • We will strive to provide access to programs and training to all employees as needed.
  • We will strive for an alcohol and drug free work environment through awareness and testing programs.
  • We will continually review our operations in an effort to meet the changing requirements of our work environment.

It is the policy of Action Plumbing Co., Inc. that every project operations shall be performed in the safest possible manner.  Action Plumbing makes it absolutely imperative that every employee regard their safety and the safety around them as a part of their responsibility. 

Customer Service
Our highest priority after a project is completed is focused on providing the highest quality of customer service.  Whether the project is residential, commercial, or industrial, Action Plumbing commits itself to assisting our contractors and their clients in product knowledge, jobsite knowledge, workmanship standards, and overall general service needs. 
Action Plumbing stands behind its work and the quality of work provided in each and every home and/or jobsite.  
Although every project is just as important as the other, our residential sites are our most effective place to see our commitment to the standard of customer service we provide.  Action Plumbing continually works with builders and contractors to improve the standards at which homeowners and clients are handled.  We strive to provide fast, reliable, and trustworthy service to all members of our client list

Action Plumbing firmly believes that in order to maintain a well regarded company you must not only surround yourself with great clients and excellent suppliers, but you also need to associate yourself with the best in the industry. Therefore, Action Plumbing has associated itself with a number of well regarded associations.   A few of those are as follows:

National Home Builders Association

Action Plumbing was the first plumbing contractor in the State of Illinois to be certified and awarded a certificate of quality assurance.

National Association of Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors
Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors of Northern Illinois

In summary, Action Plumbing Co., Inc. is a highly experienced, well-focused and organized plumbing contractor dedicated to meeting the complex needs of contractors.  Action Plumbing is comprised of a talented group of individuals with who empower our company to continually overachieve the expectations of our contractors.

After all, We Get Into Our Work!